Keith R Szewczyk

Short Thoughts – Critical Thinking

In Short Thoughts on March 13, 2011 at 5:35 pm

by: Keith R. Szewczyk

I have started something new at genXleadership Blog…Short Thoughts. The objective is to create discussion around a topic and to gain rich insight from everyone. I will post weekly a topic that I will start by adding a single paragraph and open the discussion up. I hope to see your comments and great insight added to the short thoughts!

First Short Thoughts Topic – Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is absolutely vital to the success of any company. If employees learn to apply critical thinking processes the business will inherently manage risk, issues and opportunities. This will leave the senior executives to deal with the major risks that impact the business as a larger system, deal with growing the organization (human and financial capital), and focus on reaching the company’s vision through strategy execution.

Please add your thoughts…

  1. Keith,

    Agreed! Some organizations may need to invest in training and development however to help the workforce engage effectively in critical thinking. In addition, if it is a cultural change for the company, senior leadership will have to reinforce this new practice through its reward practices, communication efforts, and its active championing of this new desired behavior. Managers at all levels will also need to become comfortable with employees questioning business decisions as well. Critical thinking skills are an absolute must for continued business success but implementing it among the workforce can require sustained engagement and commitment of senior leadership if it is not already present in the organization.

    I like your new posting method!


  2. I agree that critical thinking should be established throughout all levels of the organization to gain balance within each level. Going hand in hand with critical thinking is awareness. If employees are cognizant of their surroundings within their individual roles they gain the ability to effectively integrate critical thinking into their daily tasks. If an employee’s vision becomes too narrow and they lose the awareness of all that is happening around them, they will also lose the ability to achieve critical thinking. Critical thinking also brings fresh ideas and keeps employees at the top of their game.


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