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Keith R Szewczyk – Vice President of Engineering

Gen X Leadership Blog

Thought’s of a Generation X Leader

Baby Boomers are turning 65 and will soon be exiting the workforce. I am a Generation X’er that at the age of 33 was promoted to my first Executive Vice President position with a very historically rich company that has been operating for 130 years. This Blog is a place where I can chronicle my thoughts, experiences and guidance to current executive professionals and people who desire to be an executive. I write about my opinions on subjects only if I have experienced the topic, and try to provide my thought process and actions. I am also using this Blog to network with others that may agree or disagree with my thoughts about the subjects, where the number one goal is to learn from each other’s thoughts and experiences, right or wrong, through this Blog. My objective is to use this Blog as an area that documents the growth of the Generation X Executive transition and handoff of the global business community, which has successfully been managed by the Baby Boomers. My goal is to keep this Blog operational throughout my journey through the next couple decades with hope to handoff the chronicles of this Generation X’er Executive to the Generation Y Executives.

Executive Biography

Driving Continuous Performance, Leading Continuous Growth (People & Product), and Development of the Long-Term Vision as a Global Executive

Short-term focused leaders exist within the senior leadership population today, looking to expose the long-term viability of a company for a short-term accomplishment to their career history. The ability to visualize what an organization must look like in the future state to survive, and then developing a strategic vision that is clearly communicated with a measurable plan is an absolute skill set needed among senior leaders today. Keith Szewczyk has proven to have this ability and is a long-term visionary senior leader who believes in continuous performance, continuous growth and continuous change to sustain longevity to enhance the company’s competitive advantage within the marketplace.

Keith is currently the Vice President of Engineering for Ansaldo STS USA, and has been recently promoted into the Ansaldo STS Global Head of Mass Transit Engineering role in 2011. Ansaldo STS is a leading technology company operating in the global Railway and Mass Transit Transportation Systems business. Their product and solution offerings address the global rail industries need for innovative traffic management, traffic planning, train control and signaling systems and services. As an executive leader of the Ansaldo STS USA, Inc (formally known as Union Switch & Signal), Keith provides leadership for over 300 people responsible for the engineering of Railway and Mass Transit system projects around the globe and new safety critical product developments.

With over 10 years of leadership experience, Keith started his career as an Electrical Engineer working in the product development and system projects environment. He quickly recognized his leadership skill sets and talents and pursued an MBA from a top 50 business school the Katz School of Business at the University of Pittsburgh in 2003. Upon graduation Keith’s executive career blossomed into a huge success with 3 major executive promotions within a 5 year period, where his most recent promotion is to a global executive responsibility.

Throughout Keith’s 13 year tenure with Ansaldo STS he has contributed to the major transformation of a struggling company to a healthier more financially sustaining company. In 2008, he assumed the executive leadership role and became the Vice President of Engineering focused on efficiencies, execution, reshaping and growing the core competencies that were slowly declining within the critical area, Operations. Over a 3 year period starting with 2008, Keith’s leadership within operations contributed to increasing revenues by 26%, improving EBIT from a -4% to 10%, and removing the debt position from a negative NFP (net Financial Position) to a positive NFP. Today the company is operationally healthy.

Keith is an executive that believes that first and foremost he works for the people and owns the commitment to the community to generate a striving company that can be a provider within the region. As an executive leader he dedicates his time to being the organizations inspirational leader through a high level of energy, and builds strong teams that are empowered with clear objectives and accountability for the execution of the business. Keith is supported by his devoted and dedicated wife Amy, and three beautify and striving young children Alyson, Keegan and Ava. He resides in Pittsburgh, PA and is dedicated to continuing to become a very successful executive leader for the people, the company and the community.


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